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认识我们的 团队

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B.Bus、Dip.FP、Dip.FMBM、  C.Dec



2013 年,Anne 在澳大利亚房地产和开发行业工作了 20 多年,成立了 Eleven Property,并从开发商转变为业主倡导者。


Anne 是一位长期的住宅和商业地产投资者。她将财产理解为资产类别(事实和数据)和有形商品(触感)。  

Anne 拥有传播与市场营销商业学士学位、财务规划文凭、金融与抵押贷款经纪管理文凭、昆士兰房地产执照,并且是一名申报委员会。


Meet your Eleven Property Management Director, Carolyn Lawless.

With over 17 years experience within Property Management she is a world-class property management expert. She is responsible for the overall performance of our property management division at Eleven.


Carolyn is an extensively experienced property strategist with stand-out communication and negotiation skills, underpinned by her approachable and pragmatic approach to situations.


Managing a diverse portfolio of properties and relationships, Carolyn is responsive and proactive in her management style. She actively seeks way to improve investment return for owners through her high attention to detail, forward planning and ability to drive market outcomes. 


This approachable style also underpins her transparent relationships with all clients, and fosters a strong sense of trust and accountability.

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Eleven Property 隶属于 Fornaro - 一个整体金融服务集团,针对客户的个人情况提供个性化的专业服务。  他们以客户为中心的方法涵盖财务规划、抵押贷款和金融经纪以及会计和税务服务。

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